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Our Services

  • What can I expect for my first massage?
    We will welcome you and assign you with one of our therapists (or a specific therapist for online appointment booking) while you fill out a quick health history form to let us know about specific concerns and what target areas we need to focus on. Depending on what services you have booked, we will do our best to meet your needs whether it is to promote healing or provide a space for relaxation.
  • When should I NOT get a massage?
    There are very few instances where massage is not recommended. Some examples are; 1.Being under the influence of alcohol, 2. Suffering from symptoms of cold/flu/fever, diarrhea or vomiting 3.Having a contagious skin infection 4. Conditions affecting specific areas of the body such as cuts, bruises or areas of injury; these areas will be avoided 5. Severe medical conditions that will require medical approval from your GP stating that you are safe to receive a massage. (The conditions mentioned above are examples, so if you are concerned that any of the medical conditions apply to you, please contact Main Street Massage LLC. first to check that the treatment is suitable for you) For any questions or concerns call (970) 258-7111 or send a message through the chat regarding your question and one of our therapists will be happy to accomodate you.
  • What should I wear for a massage?
    1. This is a walk-in clinic, if you choose to keep your clothes on we offer massage services. 2. During therapeutic body massage, it will be requested that you remove your clothing and lie face down under the blankets and sheets but if you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments we may ask you to roll the waistband down to avoid any massage lotion from staining your clothing. 3. Please remove all jewelry prior to your treatment 4. We highly recommend loose and comfortable clothing to prevent massage lotion staining on clothes.
  • How will I feel after the massage treatment?
    You may feel tired, cold, and thirsty due to blood circulation increase and fluid release that occurs during massage treatment. We highly recommend drinking 1-2 glasses of water after the session. We also recommend bringing clothing layers in case you feel cold.
  • What is Korean Head and Scalp Spa Treatment?
    This treatment is designed as a unique water scalp massage on a specialized table. The area of focus for this treatment is your scalp. Benefits: Decreases or eliminates dandruff Relaxing and helps relieve stress Stimulates circulation and blood flow Promotes hair growth and the reduction of thinning and hair loss Exfoliates hair follicles
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